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Private Birth, Postpartum & Breastfeeding Preparation

10 hour combined birth preparation and breastfeeding preparation course:


Birth Preparation, Hypnobirthing, Postpartum Planning AND Mindfulness Breastfeeding Preparation

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Lots of parents journey through pregnancy feeling fearful of birth.  We hear stories and watch TV shows & Movies that portray birth as being a medical emergency.  It's time to change the narrative and get informed.  By the end of my course you will feel calm, prepared and excited for your birth!

Water Birth


However and wherever you wish to birth your baby, on my course you will receive all the information needed, including practical & emotional support, to make informed decision and achieve the positive birth you want. 

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Not a lot is known about the postpartum period - we tend to spend our time & energy thinking about pregnancy and labour, that we forget about learning how to take care of ourselves once baby has arrived.  Upon finishing my course you will have the knowledge to create your perfect postpartum period and feel empowered to ensure this precious time is spent how you want to spend it.  

What to expect


This is the ultimate antenatal course!  My course is split over 4 weeks and is held in the comfort of your home - older siblings and pets are very welcome to join us. 


The course will give you all the tools needed to change your mindset and arrive at your birth feeling positive and confident.  We will cover the physiology of birth and how best to support & promote the amazing birth hormones to allow labour to unfold naturally.  Your birth partner will feel fully equipped to support you, and you will both be empowered to explore all of your options and make fully informed decision.  We will spend almost an entire session on your birth rights - this is more important than ever. Birth has become over medicalised with unnecessary inductions & caesareans left, right and centre. When you sign up to my course you will have my full support between lessons (and once to the course has finished), to help you navigate your care and autonomy over your body.

How long is the course?


The course is approx. 10 hours


What's included?

Birth Preparation:

Anatomy of your reproductive system

The Science behind Hypnobirthing

The Mind-Body connection

Building a positive mindset

How to calm your nervous system

Visualisation techniques

Tools & techniques to help keep labour progressing

Birth hormones & how to support them

Setting up your birth environment 

Navigating your maternity care & your birth rights

Birth plans and birth mapping

Decision making tools

Optimal Birth Positions

Breathing techniques

Stages of Labour 

Packing birth bag


Postpartum Preparation:

Golden Hour

Traditional Postpartum Planning

4th Trimester

Breastfeeding Preparation:

How breastfeeding works

How to prepare for breastfeeding

How to know when breastfeeding is going well

When to seek support

Hand expressing

Breastfeeding hormones & how to support them

How Mindfulness Breastfeeding can support you

Journaling, Affirmation Creation

and lots more.

You will also receive:

My ongoing support

MP3 tracks 4 x hypnobirthing & 3 x mindfulness tracks

A client handbook - that will become your birth bible

A goody bag containing treats and practical items

Pregnancy Yoga/Breastfeeding/Baby Massage/Baby Wearing/Starting Solids tutorials

Discounts off my doula support services (birth and postnatal)

Discounts off my mum/parent circles (launching in 2023)

When should I take this course?

There is no set time frame, however you could look to join my course at around week 25-27, to give yourself plenty of time to practice the hypnobirthing skills and to change your mindset. 

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