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Refresher Course

3 hour Birth Prep Course Refresher Course:

A short Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing course for those who need a refresher

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Lots of parents journey through pregnancy feeling fearful of birth.  We hear stories and watch TV shows & Movies that portray birth as being a medical emergency.  It's time to change the narrative and get informed.  By the end of my course you will feel calm, prepared and excited for your birth!

Water Birth


However and wherever you wish to birth your baby, on my course you will receive all the information needed, including practical & emotional support, to make informed decision and achieve the positive birth you want. 

What to expect?

3 hours of content delivered in your home or virtually.  Before the course we will have a call to discuss areas you wish to cover so I can design content tailored for your needs.


Who is this course for?


My 3 hours refresher course is for parents who did Hypnobirthing with a previous pregnancy and would like to brush up on their skills. 


What's included?

This course is a bit more bespoke, and therefore content is designed around your needs. I like to begin the session discussing previous birthing experience(s) and how you are currently feeling.

We can cover birthing anatomy, the science of hypnobirthing, how to recognise when the birther is leaving their hypno-bubble & ways to help them get back into it, building a positive mindset, birth planning/mapping, how to set up your birth environment to support birth hormones, how to be a kickass birth partner, birth rights (including decision making tools and the importance of informed consent) stages of labour and three breathing techniques.

You will also receive a PDF of my client handbook, which contains lots & lots of useful information, you also gain access to my Parent Hub aka The Village & all of the brilliant libraries of info/videos/stories and tutorials.

I also offer ongoing support, so if you have a questions or concerns about your maternity care I can support you by providing evidence based information.


When should I take this course?

​There is no set time frame, however you could look to take this course at around week 25-27, to give yourself plenty of time to practice the hypnobirthing skills and to change your mindset. 

What's the investment?

The three hour course is an investment of £150

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